April 24, 2015

The LOVE Boat

As I prepare for my own adventure across the pond, I've been sifting through old photographs of Momma Jane. Just look at those glorious golden gams! The early 80s marked a time of adventure for this poli-sci major from Saskatchewan. Travelling throughout Europe, pretending to be a rich heiress in her Eaton's cotton separates, MJ met a millionaire on the Love Boat and was invited to Monaco for the weekend.

It sounds like the premise of a Dianne Keaton flashback, but it's the tragic true story of adventure derailed by an allergic reaction to scented skin cream. Instead of a torrid affair, Jane smoked out of the window of her hotel room - later finding out that would misidentify her as a prostitute - and nursed her skin rash. Just one of the many stories she has about rocking the south of France.

Isn't she the cutest? When I look at these, I see a fellow treasure seeker, following her personal legend and opening her heart to whatever happens next. Inspiring. But I'm for sure staying away from the perfumed skin care!

My flight is booked, I'm waiting on my international cell phone and starting to make contacts with fellow participants from Creative Minds. It's been a flurry of social media networking and excitement as fellow filmmakers from around the world are about to converge.

My biggest worry now is what to wear. This chalk white, hella tight girl doesn't enjoy the sunshine that often and an expert navigator is required to figure out the options for the red carpet. Enter the would-be stylist Mom, who has been charging into the department stores, telling anyone who will listen her daughter is going to the Cannes Film Festival. Despite my embarrassment, the women we've encountered have been so generous, helpful and enthusiastic. Again, the kindness of strangers swells my heart and reminds me that something very special is happening here.

But fret not, this isn't going to my head! The bitch from the aquarium (she was rescued from a pet store) knows how to keep it humble. While trying on my red carpet-worthy gown, Izzy rolls all over the fabric with her dusty dander. The greasy fur ball kept dropping herself at my feet, demanding my attention. "She's just preparing you for all those European men," Jane quips. And hey, she would know. Wink!  Stay tuned... next post I'll be showing some of my amazing finds for the red carpet! 


  1. Ha! I forgot the one about the rash. Get her to tell you about the time in Cuba she had a party in her hotel room and the army came to break it up...(Cheers, from Auntie Mary Ann)

    1. Oh yes... I've heard all about that one! Lol.

  2. Such terrific pics.. have an amazing time in Cannes!

    1. Thanks Brahm! I'll be posting more photos!


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