May 6, 2015

Orange Crush

The NDP made history in Alberta last night by overthrowing a four-decade reign of the Conservatives. The world is watching us right now, along with the rest of Canada. It's got me right in the feels. 

I've written before about being a Socialist stranded at the rodeo. I've been patronized a thousand times about my "silly left-leaning ideals," criticised by fellow artists for holding my ground in the land of steel testicles dangling off trucks, yet the twitterverse was alive last night with ex-pats in awe. Tears were shed, hearts grew a couple sizes, Holy F-bombs were dropped. Rachel Notely's landslide win and the presence of more women and young bloods in the legislature will breathe so much life into this province. If my pants weren't so tight, I'd high kick myself in the face.

The implications for our arts and film industry is huge. A new Cultural Minister - who guaranteed reads something other than a Reader's Digest from the back of the shitter - could bring a massive creative boom here. So whether this shift thrills you or challenges you, let it be reminder that change can occur, our voices matter and whatever it is you're striving for, don't let them tell you it can't be done. 

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