May 7, 2015


This little Blog has been honoured with a Yeggie Nomination for Best in Film & TV! The Edmonton New Media Awards (The Yeggies) is an annual showcase of outstanding social media content creators. I first started "Scream Queen of the B Scene" to make a solid commitment to writing and to get comfortable with being visible. I wanted to share my experience as a budding screenwriter and found a way to incorporate my love for politics and my natural enthusiasm for our arts community. There has been some heat, shade and controversy this year, that's for sure, which all the more has affirmed the importance of free speech and having the Ovaries to hit "publish."

I'm really proud to be nominated, but I'm also conscious of all the time I've put into this without praise or acknowledgement. So to my fellow creatives out there, being bold... write like no one is reading and you'll build a trust within yourself, a certain strength that gives you the freedom to really be who you are. And we need more people like that. Much love. xo

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