August 17, 2015

Shadow Boxing

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows...  There are dark forces influencing everyone right now. A shift in consciousness is calling us to take a look our shadow. It's time to stop playing the victim, to acknowledge our part, our past, our dark characteristics of selfishness, judgement and cruelty that we project upon others. And aren't we feeling raw? This is a tough time to be awake! 

Art tends to parallel the personal. I'm exploring all of these themes and manifestations within my latest screenplay as I'm also playing it out in real life. I have done powerful healing rituals the last few weeks - delving into the dark underworld to confront the parts of myself that are holding me back, holding me into patterns and relationships that are unloving, undeserving, and unhealthy. The key to letting the past go and to release people from our lives is to recognize them as teachers who are pointing out where we need healing. When you get the lesson, you obtain the freedom to walk on without resentments and without enemies, but rest assured, you will be tested!

When we are called to change, we are capable of doing all kinds of absurd things to avoid looking ourselves in the eye long enough to see what squirms. I can't think of a better subject to write about and this substance, this hefty meat is enriching my characters and the storyline. The blood paid is worth the wisdom.

In past dreams, I've been confronted by a dark figure with no face who chases me throughout the house. I've repeatedly thrust a butchers knife into its chest, but it lives and continues to pursue me. This horror is the great work behind Halloween, It Follows and The Babadook (to name a few) and any psychologist worth their salt will hold up a mirror and reflect the shadowy figure back. It's always us. 

Lots of praise to anyone doing this essential shadow work right now. If you're here with me, drink lots of water, get lots of rest, reach out for professional help, keep only people of substance who you can trust around you and dive into your creative work. Something magical is happening here, so don't be afraid of the dark.


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