November 26, 2015

You Gotta Have Faith

#BitchPlease  I met Angela Palmer on the set of my feature film Truckstop Bloodsuckers. She was cast as one of my uber-hipsters that suffers an untimely demise (spoilers) and had the spunk and effortless cool that would have executed the pithy dialogue, had it not been needlessly cut from the shooting script. As every writer knows, you love every single character and every line is fucking important. Silver lining, we got to chat at the première and she made a confession... she wanted to write. I spouted off the advice I was never given: "You're a writer as soon as you say you are. Make the decision and then do it." She did that and more.

Approximately a year later, Angela had written her own web-series called Dookie Squad, pulling from her own experience of working in a hospital. She directed, produced and cast herself as the lead, taking my second advice of "don't ask for permission to be an actor."  She recently moved to Vancouver to take on a principal role in a top secret project and has quickly taken her place as a woman making strides in this industry. I love it when inspiration flows both ways, because I needed to read her piece this week. So please share her story and give her some love in the comments below!



When I came down with a nasty cold, Netflix was on fleek and that meant binge-watching the hell out of Once Upon a Time, a fairy tale about fairy tales. There are many themes in this series: true love, family and the importance of remembering who you are. The one that stuck out most for me was FAITH, have hope that no matter what happens, as long as you believe in yourself, good will always win over evil. Whoa, just caught myself saying that out loud a la Prince Charming.

After posting some fantastic things on Facebook - I had booked two roles for a couple of awesome CW shows, one of which being my first principal part (no biggie) - I received a ton of messages that sounded the same: hopeless.

MOST, FB friends forgot to ask how I was or say congratulations or... hi. They got straight to it, telling me how much they were unhappy with themselves, their acting careers, agents, how they felt talentless or even too ugly to book roles, and compared their current unhappiness to my recent success. I'm doing fine thanks, btw.

Anyways, the vibes were heavy and sad and I had to remind myself that I am grateful and humble for everything I have now. Because I too, blamed everyone else including myself for a slow to no-going career; it was the industries fault, my agent (I had the best agent in the city too), I was the wrong type or why isn't my vision board working!!! Long story short, one fine April day and 3 years into my acting journey, I realized I was half-assing my career. And if you ever loved 
Mad Men like I did you know that "if you don't like the conversation, change it."

That's what I did. I got a new agent. I worked my butt off, saved enough money and moved to the land of opportunity: Vancouver, duh! I continued to work hard so that I can stay in training and 
develop my craft. A dozen-ish auditions later, as my acting coach puts it, I "blew up the room." I had finally booked some great creds. Thy foot is in the door.
So here is the corny part (:o), it's not enough to really, really want to be a working actor. No. You really, really, really just have to believe in yourself. How else would I have been able to have the courage to leave Edmonton, a city I had lived in my entire life to chase a dream or even write a shitty webseries Dookie Squad (hehe... I won an award for outstanding writi
ng in a comedy series) and share it with the world!?!

I just knew it would work out. I had faith. I'm still novice but, I'm SO much more closer to where I want to be. I know this is the beginning of something big. All because I have, what? Say it... 
FAITH. I'm not saying you have to move, get a new agent and write a screenplay. That was what I did. It worked for ME. So do YOU! Whatever that means. And in that process, celebrate every bit of headway you make, be grateful for YOUR version of success. My last peace of hallmarky, OUAT advice straight outta Neverland: "You can fly, just believe."  That's it, I need these sinuses to clear up! OK... bye.

Angela Palmer is Inspiring!

Angela is mostly known for her award winning web series Dookie Squad, which she wrote, acted and produced and won an award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series at the LA Web Fest. Currently, she is between sets and training constantly, strengthening her craft and living passionately.

Follow her on Twitter @1AngelaPalmer

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