January 14, 2016


Illustration by Alyssa Bean

"There is a lot of unknown that needs to be accepted and embraced with a trusting heart"- Lena Stevens

First post of 2016! And yes, I realize we are in the second week of January already - I blame the mercury retrograde and this bitch flu that is trying to choke me with my own precious bodily fluids.

I am so excited for this year. Last year was an incredible demonstration of what is possible. It blew my heart open, it broke it, and it brought up some major challenges - an experience that seems pretty universal. I think we're all glad to see 2015 go, oui?

Moving forward, this year is all about completion - my feature screen play, a few short films and a memoir that has been a few years in the making. It's time for it all to come out. And because I'm a huge fan of harnessing energy and intentions, I share with you some excellent tools to get geared up to make the most of your creative self.


First, please listen to this podcast - Elizabeth Gilbert interviews Brene Brown on how creativity is the way we share our soul with the world and what happens to us if we don't. Brilliant discussion here.


Then head over to Momma Jane's blog for some incredible prompts to reflect and set intentions for this year, powerful stuff such as "what do you need to stop blaming yourself for?" and "what can you not deny you are really good at?" Drop that mic Momma!


And for you true mystics out there, delving deep into universal patterns and healing, this month is all about renewal. Check out my favourite Mystic Mamma. 

And stay tuned for a special guest post from Karen Dantas coming up as part of my Bitch Please Series - interviewing women in film on their experience with creative life. Her article is GOLD, so don't miss. xoxo

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