June 27, 2016

#CGGSeries in Production!

This week we're in production for my series Codependent Ghost Girl! Our Art Director Tessa Stamp is working away at transforming this space with her mad genius and we're working feverishly to get everything prepped for the big shoot!

It's fitting that our location is the The Ortona Armory, as I practically grew up in this building. My aunt, singer-songwriter Wendy McNeill, had studio space here for years with her dog Fred. My cousin and I have filmed in every nook - as most Edmonton filmmakers have. This is where I hand-processed my first 16mm film with aAron Munson in a dark, spider-filled bathroom. Just so many memories flooding.

I'm feeling so grateful for all of the talented people that have been brought on board to help bring my vision to life. And none of this would be possible without funding from Telus Optik's Storyhive!

I have an exciting week ahead of demons, ghosts, musicians and Instagram models. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for behind-the-scenes pics!

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