August 30, 2016

The Importance of Stepping Into the Arena

A special thank you to EVERYONE who voted for Codependent Ghost Girl in the latest Storyhive competition. I am so proud of this project, the talent that collected and the result of our efforts. I'm sorry we don't have more episodes coming to you right away, but it's just the beginning for this series, so stay tuned! I also need to give a very special shout-out to our people behind the scenes who helped us make a terribly kick-ass social media campaign and gorgeous Instagram account. Thank you to Jennifer Dacanay, our photographer. Derek Heisler, our Marketing Director website/poster/GIF designer and greatest ally in pushing the quality of Alberta content. Our Behind-the-Scenes crew: producer Nicole Murphy, cinematographer Frederic Kroetsch and editor Kody Davidson. A stellar group of people who volunteered their time to help form an amazing product. It means so much to me. 

And so the inspiration for this week's blog: the importance of stepping into the Arena and finding meaning in the process, regardless of the outcome. When I speak of the Arena of course I'm talking about that Brene Brown, lean in, vulnerable as fuck, business.

First, I would like to disclose that I am not a particularly brave person. My friends refer to me as "Piglet," because I fret and worry. I rehearse catastrophe and suffer through the resulting anxiety of anticipating things that will never occur. That's the base I work from. Ground zero. When people tell me they admire my confidence, I laugh, "Get to know me." What I have accomplished in spite of the war in my mind is my greatest feat.

However, when I started thinking of my creativity as a service, of how I earn my place on this planet, I learned to also treat my fear like a petulant child. It doesn't matter how you feel about this, it's going to happen. Your tantrum doesn't scare me. This takes practice.

The most valuable lesson that has come to me is self-esteem is earned. It comes from experience, not affirmations. It's not born of privilege. It's not being gifted with the right "stuff" or having a god-given advantage. It comes from suiting up and showing up.

What you will experience, guaranteed, is pain. Blood is what the Arena was made for. You will be humbled by your flaws. You will be fortified. Your relationships will be tested and some people will be left behind. You will attract helper spirits who will propel you further than you could ever go yourself. The others in the Arena with you, will become your brothers in the trenches and deep bonds will be formed. But it will be painful. As a good friend reminded me last week, Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

The blood spilled is worth the wisdom gained and the self-esteem that occurs as result of this action is what builds self-trust, self-love, and self-worth. You will become more courageous because those little fears, like reins upon our soul, won't mean so much. Bless Brene for this:

Yes, your world may fall apart as the familiar will burn away and turn to ash. But when the smoke clears, you'll realize the fence was taken away too and there's a vast land of possibility just waiting for you to step into.

We are all living The Hero's Journey, the universal structure of all stories. The major arcana in tarot. The destiny and trial of every life. This is the beginning. Step forward. 


  1. Awesome article Lindsey! Film making is blood sweat and tears, and stepping into the game head first is what make film makers great.

    "I think people think filmmaking is fun, but I never thought that. For me it's always been a lot of work and pain and stress." -Ben Lewin

    1. Haha, soooo true!Thank you so much for your note David!


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