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Hello! I'm Lindsey McNeill (aka Scream Queen B), a Filmmaker and an AMPIA nominated Actress & Screenwriter. I've been writing since I could hold a pen and swearing like a trucker since they unleashed me on the playground. I've embodied many incarnations: Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Rocking Radio Journalist, Bored As Fuck Secretary, Indie Actress/Waitress prone to epic celluloid deaths and Magic Crystal Mystic waxing philosophical about the creative process. I can best describe myself as a terribly optimistic person who enjoys killing people for a living.

My first feature film Truckstop Bloodsuckers was produced in 2012 and broadcast on Bite TV. My latest project Gillian's Just Right was first a teaser trailer that placed in the Top 15 of the national CineCoup Film Accelerator (2013) and recently won Canada's From Our Dark Side contest sponsored by the Women in Film & Television Vancouver, Super Channel and Telefilm. I'm currently working with amazing mentors Carrie Gadsby and Rupert Harvey to bring this film to life!

This year I've broken into the international arena, attended the Cannes Film Festival in France (read about that here) and the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. Looks like I should be learning more Francais, non?

Keep reading and you'll see that I love my city of Edmonton and the collaborative community within. I also write about the creative process, that mysterious bitch that bends us over the sink. Capitalizing on my characteristic wit and unfortunate potty mouth, I'm giving you an honest account of working in a male-dominated industry and how to embrace your inner B to get shit done. What else did you think the B stood for?
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